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Anxious people

Auteur : Fredrick Backman

The funny, touching and unpredictable new novel from the multi-million copy bestselling author of A Man Called Ove. ”Funny, compassionate and wise . . . an absolute joy” – AJ Pearce, bestselling author of Dear Mrs Bird***** In a small town in Sweden it appears to be an ordinary day. But look more closely, and you”ll see a mysterious masked figure approaching a bank…Two hours later, chaos has descended. A bungled attempted robbery has developed into a hostage situation – and the offender is refusing to communicate their demands to the police.Within the building, fear quickly turns to irritation for the seven strangers trapped inside. If this is to be their last day on earth, shouldn”t it be a bit more dramatic?But as the minutes tick by, they begin to suspect that the criminal mastermind holding them hostage might be more in need of rescuing than they are…Readers are loving Anxious People!”Backman never disappoints . . . heartwarming and multi layered” *****”As always Backman manages to delight . . . a really satisfying ending that makes you feel better about the world” *****”A wonderfully unusual tale, told with flair and finesse that is so wonderful it is sure to cure everything that ails you. Don”t miss out on this beautiful book.” *****”This novel is about humanity at its most raw and at its most wonderful and I LOVED it!” *****>

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