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Auteur : James Oswald

@2@@20@The ninth book in the @18@Sunday Times@19@-bestselling phenomenon that is the Inspector McLean series, @21@@20@from one of Scotland’s most celebrated crime writers@21@@20@.@21@@3@@2@Her lifeless body is hidden in the dark corner of a basement room, a room which seems to have been left untouched for decades. A room which feels as cold as the grave. @3@@2@As a rowdy demonstration makes its slow and vocal way along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, Detective Chief Inspector Tony McLean’s team are on stand-by for any trouble. The newly promoted McLean is distracted, inexplicably drawn to a dead-end mews street… and a door, slightly ajar, which leads to this poor girl’s final resting place. @3@@2@But how long has she been there, in her sleep of death? The answers are far from what McLean or anyone else could expect. The truth far more chilling than a simple cold case… @3@@16@@2@@20@Praise for James Oswald:@21@@3@@2@’The @20@new Ian Rankin@21@’ @18@Daily Record@19@@3@@2@’@20@Creepy@21@, @20@gritty @21@and @20@gruesome@21@’ @18@Sunday Mirror@19@@3@@2@’Crime fiction’s @20@next big thing@21@’ @18@Sunday Telegraph@19@@3@