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Auteur : Rachel Elliott

@2@@20@’It’s wonderful. Dark, So often painful – a story of such depth, beauty and rigour. And I cared for everyone. Such a testament to the fragility in us all. Oh and @18@funny@19@. Great scenes of funny’ @21@@20@Sarah Winman@21@@3@@2@Sydney is a cartoonist and freerunner. She’s never been able to stay still, always feels that life is teetering on the edge, and she’s never come to terms with the event that ripped her family apart when she was ten years old. And so, on a birthday that she doesn’t want to celebrate, she returns alone to St Ives to face up to her guilt and grief. This trip turns out to be more life-changing than expected – not only for herself, but for her family and some of the locals.@3@@2@Maria, her husband Jon, and their daughter Belle live in an unhappy triangle in their house in the same seaside town. Belle works in a bookshop and thinks she’s asexual, Jon thinks he’s an artist and is horrible to his wife, and Maria is a dental hygienist who makes muffins. Not just any muffin, but different flavours, different spices, depending on who she needs to heal. And it’s Maria who helps Sydney when she needs it the most. It’s Maria, too, who invites Sydney’s father, and her partner Ruth, into their home. And that’s where life takes a different turn.@3@@2@DO NOT FEED THE BEAR is a book about people taking time to find themselves – a lifetime, in some cases, a chance meeting, in others. It’s a book about healing, about who you trust and who you know, and a life-affirming book about love, and letting things go.@3@