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Objective Louvre : the guide to family visits

Auteur : Frederic Morvan

Traducteur : Jonathan Sly

Date de saisie : 17/07/2008

Genre : Jeunesse a partir de 6 ans

Editeur : Actes Sud junior, Arles, France

Prix : 13.50 / 88.55 F

ISBN : 978-2-7427-7585-9

GENCOD : 9782742775859

Sorti le : 04/06/2008

  • Les presentations des editeurs : 17/09/2008

You are visiting the largest museum in the world, but where do you start ? Where is the Mona Lisa hiding ? What will make the kids like Egyptian history ? The Louvre may look like a maze, but you needn’t get lost.

This book is aimed at families and suggests vine tours lasting one to two hours. Each tour helps you focus on works among the museum’s huge and diverse collections and also helps you appreciate the architectural wonders of this historic location. The works have been carefully selected and the explanations encourage reflection and dialogue. This book will make visiting the Louvre as fun for the young as it is for grown-ups.