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Playtime ; activities for little children that can make a big difference (édition en anglais)

Auteur : Elspeth Richards, Fiona Richards

Play is one of the most basic aspects of a young child’s life, but by the time we have children of our own, many of us have lost confidence in our ability to play. Mother and daughter Elspeth & Fiona Richards explain why play is so important and what role we – as parents, grandparents or other carers – can play in ‘play’. Their simple instructions, examples and variations inspire renewed confidence in our ability to interact with our children, to be involved in all aspects of their development on an everyday basis, and most of all to enjoy their company.

Playtime includes practical ideas for bathtime, reading, counting, craft, imaginative play, music, travel and long-distance relationships.

A note from the editor:

This book came out of the authors’ frustration at the lack of helpful resources available. They urge us to avoid making comparisons between children, as all are different; instead, they show us how to encourage our children as they learn – through play – at their own pace. This is a highly accessible and reassuring publication for parents of young children. You’ll have the playdough out before you know it!