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Robin Hood was a trader (IMPRESSION A LA DEMANDE)

Auteur : Benoist Rousseau

The term trader comes from the English word trade which means exchange, commerce . A trader is an individual who trades financial products on behalf of a bank or brokerage firm. His job is to buy and resell, buy and resell, to infinity and often in a very short time. In fact, the author is not a trader working for an institution but rather for his own account. He clearly differentiates between these two major categories of traders. Through a narrative, a kind of written short-movie recounting of a real scene, Benoist Rousseau explains how, by going to a simple neighbors’ party in France, he could be stigmatized and cause questioning or rejection as soon as he presents himself as a trader. This stigma is often due to people’s lack of knowledge regarding the profession of a trader. It is through crisp dialogues and with a dose of humor that Benoist Rousseau, explaining his daily trader life, his way of life in opposition to the social norm, comes to the simultaneously provocative but unstoppable conclusion that a trader working for his own account is actually a Robin Hood.