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The Film Club ; No School, No Work, Just Three Films a Week (édition en anglais)

Auteur : David Gilmour

It was an unconventional deal: Jesse could leave school, sleep all day, not work, not pay rent – but he had to watch three films a week…of his father’s choosing. Week by week, side by side, father and son watch the world’s best (and occasionally worst) films – from “True Romance” to “Chungking Express”, “A Hard Day’s Night” to “Rosemary’s Baby”, “Showgirls” to “La Dolce Vita”. The films get them talking – about girls, music, heartbreak, work, drugs, money, love, friendship – and they open doors to a young man’s interior life at a time when parents are normally shut out. Gradually, the son develops from a chaotic teenager into a self-assured young adult, but as the film club moves towards its bittersweat and inevitable conclusion, Jesse makes a decision which surprises even his father…”The Film Club” is a book that goes straight to the heart. Honest, unsparing and poignant, it is the true story of one man’s attempt to chart a course for his beloved son’s rocky passage into adulthood.