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Auteur : Rachel Bright, Jim Field

@00000400@@00000327@A sparkling story of friendship, set in the snowy Arctic, from the bestselling creators of @00000373@The Lion Inside.@00000155@@00000133@@00000163@@00000400@Stubborn wolf cub Wilf doesn’t want help from @00000373@anyone.@00000155@ Not from his friends or his family. Whatever it is, he can do it @00000373@all by himself. @00000155@But when Wilf finds himself lost and alone in the chill of the Arctic night, he discovers something important: sometimes we all need the helping hand of a friend.@00000163@@00000400@@00000327@This positive rhyming story is perfect for stubbornly independent little cubs everywhere! @00000133@@00000341@@00000327@@00000133@@00000341@Look out for more heart-tingling tales from Rachel Bright and Jim Field:@00000341@@00000373@The Lion Inside – @00000155@over 130,000 copies sold in the UK alone@00000341@@00000373@The Koala Who Could – @00000155@Winner of the Sainsbury’s Book Award and the Evening Standard Oscar’s Book Prize@00000341@@00000373@The Squirrels Who Squabbled @00000155@@00000163@